Independent game design since 1997.

My first publication was 2001's SCHISM, a supplement for the Sorcerer RPG by Ron Edwards. A dozen games later and I'm still going strong. And not just in RPG-land—I've also worked for numerous video game companies as a QA tester, producer, designer, writer and freelance consultant.

I also co-wrote FreeMarket with Luke Crane and helped develop the Torchbearer RPG with Thor Olavsrud and Luke—you can even purchase a supplement I made for that game over in the Roleplaying section of this site.

I don't have investors or shareholders or a boss telling me what to write or what not to write. What I do have are great friends, peers and fans that appreciate my madness. You can do it too. It's not that difficult. Hell, I did it and I'm a talking ape.

Jared A. Sorensen is one of the founding fathers of the independent RPG movement. He lives in NYC.